Agressor Bunx – Elephant [Ignescent Recordings]

Beatport Exclusive: 11th March 2016
Worldwide: 25th Macrh 2016

After the huge success of their debut release, Ignescent Recordings are back. Unleashing their second EP on an unsuspecting public, they bring to you music from NickBee, ChaseR, Agressor Bunx and Encode on IGNT002.

After so many months behind the scenes working on the project, the team behind Ignescent should be rightly proud of the amazing neurofunk they are putting out. On this EP, they once again bring forward four huge tunes which are guaranteed to rock the world. Be ready to get inside the sound of Ignescent once again.

Agressor Bunx can’t avoid the Elephant in the room, as it absolutely booms out of the speakers before you even get a chance to think. Colliding beats go crazy, exploding out into your brain, as the producers lock and load. This one’s nuts, leaving no room for maneuver. Space age vibes.

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