Adam Rippon Fact Checks The Internet On Adam Rippon | Vicepedia (HBO)

VICE News chatted with the unfiltered side of Olympic figure skater, Adam Rippon, to hear his reactions and backstories to the most ridiculous, odd, and obsessive internet creations we could find about him, in our third installment of Vicepedia.

Some things we learned about Rippon: he thinks Grindr is trash.

“You’re not looking for love. You’re looking for a mistake,” said Rippon.

Rippon proceeded to take off his sweater to show how he frames himself, “lip to navel” when posing for Grindr. “I do that so that when they ask for my face pic it’s sort of like a treat, you know?” said Rippon.

But Tinder is different. Rippon told VICE News he uses own name on Tinder, “because I fee like Tinder is the classy version of gay online dating.”

Upon review of a fan-generated pie chart of “Which other events is Adam Rippon medaling in,” Rippon acknowledged that he’s not shy to voice his disapproval towards Vice President Mike Pence, or as the pie chart coined it: “Pence-negging,” marked at thirty-three percent, “because my God he’s deserved it,” said Rippon. “Just thinking about MP, makes you want to be BM.”

Coming in second was “glamazon bitch runway preparedness” at twenty-two percent.

“Being an glamazon is a complete full-time job,” said Rippon

Watch Rippon show more of his true colors on “Vicepedia.”

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