Smote – End Of Time

Smote and Blue Motion have started a new label called Reverse Records. This one is from their first FREE release called “End Of Time LP”.

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Wintermute – Clouds VIP feat. Lady Katee

Great variation in production by Wintermute called Clouds. These vocals just let me feel good πŸ™‚ Download for FREE on his Soundcloud page!

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Redeyes – Night Light

Amazed by this FREE tune from Redeyes called “Night Light”. Makes fun to listen to this while working on majestics website πŸ™‚

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Intelligent Manners – All By Myself

Brilliant tune by Intelligent Manners called “All By Myself”. This one will be forthcoming on Celsius Recordings. (I hope soon!)

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N3GUS – Kites

Available to buy now:
N3GUS makes his debut on Spearhead Records with his very own unique brand of quirky dancefloor jump up.

Now Bristol based, N3GUS may be a new name on the scene but Kerry Negus aka Scheme aka N3GUS has been a long term supporter of Spearhead. Most of the early test pressings had their first play in Kerry’s ‘Bounce Records’ in Norwich.

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Future Signal – Trident [Trust In Music]

Bring on the funk ! This one is released on the “End of a Cycle EP” on Trust In Music !!!

Out now !!/futuresignal

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Loz Contreras – Chloes Exodus

Awesome new tune by Loz Contreras. Looking forward to the release πŸ™‚ Thanks to DrumsAndTheBass, another REALLY great Drum and Bass YouTube uploader, this was cut out from the Command Strange’s Fokuz Podcast #5.

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Blood Money LP Part II – Mixed By GRINteck

Another little present for you guys, to celebrate the release of the Blood Money EP Part II, here’s a mix of all the sick tunes in there mixed by Mr GRINteck !

Download the mix here :

Tracklist :
Scary & Bad Matter – Giant Warrior (Neonlight Remix)
No Money – Red Alert
Future Signal – Epoch
Sleeper Cell & Redco – Devils Currency
Custom Soldierz – Mind Eraser
Kung – Space Trash
Kung – The Opposition
Rico – Farcity
Fortitude – Womb To Tomb
Computerartist – Imperium
D_iolax – Hunger
Equid – Disturbia
Grinteck – Kamakura
Impak – Living In Hell
Krot – Fat Worm
Sephiroth – Tyrant
Signal – Mutation
Silent Extent – Post Conflict
Silent Extent – Post Conflict (Bad Ace Inc Remix)
Zeal & Litta – Panurgic
Mocks – Choosen (Treo & The Square Remix)
Gruff – The Fallen

You can buy the LP here :

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Noisia – Stigma (Neosignal Remix)

Included on ‘Split the Atom: Special Edition’

Noisia: | | | |

Artist: Noisia
Title: ‘Stigma (Neosignal Remix)’
Label: Mau5trap

“The neosignal boys have really picked up momentum recently, and this remix is an example of their current sound: big, urgent and rich sonics. Its like the expanded, slower version of the original :D” (Noisia)

About Neosignal:
neo [neo], ancient greek, from neos, new
signal [zΙͺΕ‹Λˆnaːl], a sound, image, message or impulse transmitted or received through communication, media, voltage or current.

neosignal is an electronic music project originated in Hamburg / Germany at the tail end of 2011. it started as a collaboration between Florian Harres, also known as phace and Michael BrΓ€uninger, also known as misanthrop. both, phace and misanthrop, have been at the forefront of forward thinking Drum & Bass for years, especially known for their precise and distinctive sound and DJ sets. the duo decided to choose the new alter ego neosignal for their joint music productions to reach out into new angles of electronic music.

NFG Talents Mix 007 by Ovey

Merry Christmas my dear Neuro headz ! This one took a long time to be released but it was totally worth it, after the great success of the first video animated by Waysh, we decided to make something even bigger, now you won’t switch the youtube tab while listening to it, i can assure you ! Big ups to Ovey for the mix, the most viewed man on the channel and a true NFG believer since the beggining πŸ™‚ Also this is the man who found the name of the channel !

Download the mix here :

Tracklist :

1. Ovey – Distance [Dub] (0:32)
2. Ford – First Contact [Mindtech Dub] (3:05)
3. Memtrix – Intermission [TBA] (4:24)
4. Memtrix – Intermission (Ford Remix) [TBA] (5:14)
5. Telekinesis – Parallel Universe [Dub] (6:08)
6. Maztek- Breakdown VIP [Icarus Audio] (6:31)
7. Ovey – Crushed [Close2Death] (7:59)
8. Falinox – Drift Out [Lifted Music] (10:02)
9. Ford – Serrated [Ammunition Recordings] (11:36)
10. Neonlight – Frozen Tape [Trust In Music] (12:31)
11. Landscapers – Arachnoise [Mindtech Dub] (15:03)
12. Vidual – Mammoth [Dub] (16:21)
13. KROT & NU4M – Great Escape [Close2Death] (17:16)
14. Shem – Pandemonium [Dub] (17:49)
15. NRanges & Uberman – So Sharp (ft. MC Nuclear)[Citrus] (18:46)
16. Blah – Ice Cube [Dub]
17. Kung & Mefjus – Exhale [Citrus Dub] (21:00)
18. Noisia – Could this Be [Mau5trap] (21:51)
19. Ovey & Saejma – The Spell [Close2Death] (22:39)
20. Allied – Cryptic Era (Chook Remix) [Trust In Music Dub] (24:55)
21. Nais – Do Not Stop [Close 2 Death] (26:10)
22. Ford – Speaks [Ammunition Recordings] (26:32)
23. Korn – Bleed Out (ft. Feed Me) [Ovey Re-edit] (28:00)
24. Fourward – Sooner Or Later (Dose Remix) [Citrus] (29:20)

NeurofunkGrid is always looking for new talents, so if you think you have the potential, do not hesitate to send your demos to :

AIM : NeurofunkGrid
Dropbox :

Only 320kbps mp3 full track with contact in the title : artist — track (aim/mail).mp3

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Jammy – It’s Got To Be

DOOH! Records XMAS Compilation [FREE] –

You can get this tune for FREE of the DOOH! Records XMAS Compilation. Jammy is one of the most talented upcoming Drum and Bass artists. Majestic wishes you Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

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KUNG – Consequences (Kantyze Remix)

How could i’ve missed this one ! A remix of the King himself properly done πŸ˜€

Out now on the Insidious EP from Kantyze on Suspect Device Recordings :

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Rollz – Capture Me

Forthcoming on ‘The Music EP’ due 23rd January 2012 on Pilot Records.
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Netsky – Mellow feat Terri Pace

Hospital Shop –
iTunes –

A modern classic from Hospital’s wunderkind Boris Daenen aka Netsky. Taken from his debut album in 2010 this is Mellow.
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Insect – Sideways [FREE DOWNLOAD]

One awesome tune available for free on my mate’s label Nocid Business Rec. from Belgium !!!

Download the release here :

Insect on Soundcloud :

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London Elektricity – Just One Second

Hospital Shop –
iTunes –

Before the Apex remix took it to anthemic dancefloor status the original was equally good in it’s own right. Taken from the London Elektricity album Syncopated City in 2008 this is the original “Just One Second”.

Imprintz & Kloe – Tzolk’in (Xilent Remix) [Ammunition Recordings]

OVER 2 years ago, Imprintz & Kloe released 3 monster tunes on Ammo. Melodic orchestral madness combined with oh-so-dirty basslines, barely contained on their “Till The End” release. And it gets better? Why yes… when Xilent & Exorcist get on the remix!

Out now !

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Landscapers – Arachnoise

Are there still any talented D&B producers in Western Europe ? For those who would need a proof β€” and for all the other listeners ! β€” Mindtech HQ immediately advise the listening of ‘Superpunk’ EP, from the brilliant Landscapers.
This EP is the outcome of a long term job, which let him enough time to take care over the building of every single tune, so that each element can find its place. The result: 4 complementary pieces, for a neuro-explosive ‘Superpunk’ EP, to be enjoyed in your iPod or on the dancefloor !

The very singularity of Landscapers’ work, is the strong care he provides to the melodies, perfectly fitting the rhythm section of every of his tracks. In ‘Arachnoise’, first: Β« I love to put an orchestral touch on my tracks, it links real instruments with electronic elements and it brings a curious feel to the song. ‘Arachnoise’ is a good exemple. In ‘Battle AXE’, I particularly enjoyed using the Alto violin! Β»

‘Superpunk’ gives all its meaning back to the funk side of neuro. ‘Superpunk’ is super funk, the electronic breath along ! Β« I aimed to build unexpected drops and surprising melodies. Recorded and over-sampled slap bass sound. Β»

The ethereal electro sound of ‘So Magical’ isn’t hiding the broken dynamic of the tune for a very long time : Β« It is one of my hardest project so far. I remember having switched from one to another software only because the mixdown sounded bad! Still, ‘So Magical’ is a very personal tune… Β»

You’ve now certainly understood that ‘Superpunk’ EP is already a must-have of your forthcoming playlists !


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Logistics – Daybreak Sequence

Download –
The opening gambit from Logistics “Reality Checkpoint” album in 2008 and this one doesn’t hold back. A fantastic track, classic Logistics.

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Netsky – I Can’t Hold It

Hospital Shop –

Netsky switching things up on his eponymous debut album. Slowing down the BPMs this is “I Can’t Hold It”. Check it out!

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Nu:Tone – Balaclava

Follow Hospital Records on Spotify:
Hospital Shop –
iTunes –

Taken from the Future Sound Of Cambridge 3 in 2008 this is the amazing Balaclava by Nu:Tone.

Wilkinson – Hypnosis

Hospital Shop –
iTunes –

Wilkinson on Hospital? Yeah that’s right as part of our Sick Music 2 compilation in 2010. Check out this wicked track “Hypnosis”

Interface – Desperate Measures

Available to pre-order now:

Follow Interface on Twitter:!/saminterface

Big system party banger, standard! After their incredible ‘Way Of The Warrior’ album, possibly the best compilation of 2011 according to DJ Mag, the Shogun commanders stand up tall once again to kick off 2012 with what will be one of the definitive club tracks of the year. Bristol’s Interface is no stranger to the limelight and with his debut on Shogun Audio that limelight’s about to turn on him once again. Big, bashy and a little bit trashy….get ready!

An epic intro is always a very good sign that a tune’s about to deliver and here ‘Desperate Measures’ does just that, big time. Orchestral stabs in the dark, drifting vocals and schizoid pads all combine to create the tense build up into one of the rowdiest Shogun drops for a while. Bringing that ‘Bodyrock’ swing-beat bang up to date for 2012 this one will have ’em hitting the ceiling with the elastic b-line as it ploughs its way through the dance floor taking no prisoners. A worthy addition to the Shogun discography.