Sub Focus – Could This Be Real (Drum & Bass Remix)

The latest single from Sub Focus has now been given a Drum & Bass Remix to go alongside Joker’s Dubstep remix, I believe promo copies have been sent out this week and a full release will come in January.

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Deli J – Insomniac

Deli J is back with his brand new jump up tune ‘Insomniac’ available to buy now as a digital download from Nu-Urban Music, and remember, if you like it then please support the artist and the label by buying it!

Check out more of Deli J’s tunes on his myspace here:

The Return Of Navigator (Feat. SMK) Mixed by erb N dub

F-Troop Presents ‘The Return Of Navigator (Feat. SMK) Mixed by erb N dub’.

Full length mix is available to download now!
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Direct download:

Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Fire (Burning)

Fire (Burning) by Drumsound & Bassline Smith – A huge tune from a massive album!

Ten Years Of Technique is available to buy now from the links below.

Drum & Bass Arena:
Track It Down:

For those of you that DJ, buy the vinyl here:

Future Sound Of Russia – Andrey From Electrosoul System Talks to Hospital

Andrey from Electrosoul System talked to us about the Future Sound Of Russia, the scene, the music and the D+B step.

Track = Electrosoul System – Anywhere

Zed Bias – Neighbourhood 09 (Logistics Remix)

Logistics is back once again with a remix of Zed Bias’ latest track Neighbourhood 09. If you have a decent set of speakers, now is the time to turn them up loud!

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Dizzee Rascal – Dirtee Cash (Sub Focus Remix)

Sub Focus’ remix of Dirtee Cash by Dizzee Rascal.

Yet another massive tune remixed by Sub Focus, loved the original but this takes it to a whole new level. Big thanks to TheRisky for this track, please support the scene and buy it now!

DJ Dose – Engage

Engage by DJ Dose. The A side on Code 46 Recordings’ debut vinyl release.

This tune has been rinsed by Crissy Criss, Cristal Clear, Garry K and Logan D and so it’s definitely one to bag!

Limited copies available, with a full release coming soon:

Renegade & Trema – Mr Vigilante

Mr Vigilante by Renegade & Trema.

This is the debut vinyl release on Code 46 Recordings, love this as well as the flip side. Been rinsing this non-stop since I got it!

Limited promo copies available here, don’t miss out:

J Majik & Wickaman – Flatline

Flatline by J Majik & Wickaman.

Another brilliant track from J Majik and Wickaman, one of the many songs to be featured on Drum & Bass Arena Anthems 2009. If you’re pretty new to Drum & Bass or want to introduce a friend to it, this is the album for you.

If you pre-order it tonight (It gets a release tomorrow) then you are able to get it for £6.99 and then £7.99 thereafter – not bad for 27 tracks, and contains a few of UKF’s previous uploads such as Rock It, Hypercaine and Act Like You Know.

Download it now here: