Fedge – Messed

This is probably the most recent and decent thing I have that hasn’t been uploaded here on YouTube yet. I’m running out of good tracks here so I guess I need to make some more lol. The time signature change in the middle is not a good place to try to do a mix but I think it lines up properly again at the end of that. http://fedgeno.com/

Fedge – Overload

This is about all I could get out of one of the old IBM P-IIIs as far as trance goes. It was starting to skip at this point. Made around 2006 or 2007. I can’t remember who was bugging me to make trance at that point (prolly J) so there you have it.


Fedge – No Quarter

No instruments were used in this recording. 100% synthetic.


Fedge ft. Creep – Borak 1.99

Don’t even ask. http://fedgeno.com/

Fedge – Psylli

Ya I did this too. I played the guitar and bass and sequenced the rest of it on a computer. This was around 2001. http://fedgeno.com/

Fedge – Retro

One of my ex girlfriends was all about house and dance music so I made a few tracks for her. I think most of the samples for this came from Boney M and other disco records I bought at the thrift store for like $0.25CDN each lol. http://fedgeno.com/

Fedge – Hot Breaks

Title is to do with the beat sample I started with, it is nicely overdriven 🙂


Fedge – Steps

Lots of steps. Step step step. http://fedgeno.com/

Fedge – Creepy

Made around 2003 – 2004. I was on a big randomization kick hence all the odd harmonics that come out in the background there, especially on headphones.


Fedge – Heavy Duty

More old stuff. Unfortunately made on headphones and the bass was out of tune and I couldn’t hear it. Just releasing the old stuff because it’s here though. http://fedgeno.com/